A downloadable game for Windows

Don’t Blink is a horror game that happens inside an old abandoned power plant. Your objective is to find a way to leave this place without being captured by the creature that lives in there.

How to Play:
A - Walk Left
D - Walk Right
W - Elevator - Up
D - Elevator - Down
Shift - Run
Left Mouse Button - Blink

The game consists of finding and activating 4 generators from the abandoned plant in order to recover the energy of the place and, with this, manage to escape with life before the creature takes you.


Programmer: Renan Santana
Art: Matheus Poro

This is our second GameJam.
Due to some setbacks, unfortunately we did not finish the game the way we wanted. Therefore, we are offering a Demo of the game and we are planning to continue and turn it into a complete game. So, any constructive feedback is welcome!

We hope you like it!

Install instructions

Just extract and open.


dont-blink-v04.zip 30 MB


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The concept of this game worked really well. As someone who often has dry eyes, the reality of this made me hyper aware of what could happen. The audio effects gave me goosebumps, and that face really put me on edge! The mechanics too forced me to focus, which in itself is a great mechanic for horror. This was a great demo to play, good luck for your future content! This was really well done (:


Wow! Thanks a lot for playing our game!

We're focused this month on finishing this game, and your feedback was really inspiring!

Thank you again! :D